Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Cinderella 2014 Cast

My Cinderella is a 2014 Barbian drama series

List of My Cinderella 2014 Cast

Trisha Louis Barbian actress as Stella Tara
She is a gentle girl who has a charm and intelligence. She lost her mother when she was a child from drowning of where they rode a ferry that sanked down in the sea and survives with her father. As her father dies, she suffers and brings tears for her rest of her life by getting mistreated and manipulated by her step family the Luz. She then regrets of losing her father but she still show her love and respect to her step family. She wishes and dreams to get along peacefully with them and expects a better life.

Aurora Rose Barbian actress as Megan Luz
Stella's step sister who has been jealous of Stella's charm and intelligence. She also gets irritate by her politeness. She tries to crash Stella's dreams and wants to win Chad's heart, away from Stella. Thereafter she became friends with Stella of feeling sorry for her fragileness and sensitivity.

Aaron Hart Barbian actor as Travis Luz

Stella's step brother who is handsome. He acts cold in front of Stella and also finds Stella very irritating. He never wants to get along with her and wants her to leave out in the family. However he realize that he fell in love with Stella of her charm and gentleness. He also admit to Stella that he loves her but Stella doesn't believe him.

Raquel Mona as Vctoria Luz

 Stella's step mother who remarried to Stella's father who passed away after their marriage, then starts to manipulate and abuse Stella in her own house with her daughter Megan and a son Travis. She is the owner and a head captain of the Embran company which is against by Local company owner by the head captain Isabelle Tara (Stella's mother). She often gets jealous of Isabelle and want to compete her company. She finally found that Isabelle is the wife of her second husband Gerald and a biological mother of Stella. She then continue to give Stella a difficult life and abuse her more.

Hodsone Scence Barbian actor as Chad

 Stella's love interest and prince charming, who will do anything for Stella. He wants her to become his future wife but Stella wants to focus on her course and to finish graduating in college.

Jane Parker Barbian actress as Sam/Samantha Ave
Stella's good friend and soul mate.

Joshua Miller Barbian actor as Alex Gil

Stella's friend, who has a love interest on Stella, since they met in the drama play in university. He never want to let his feelings towards Stella but at the end he reveals it.

Chelsea Maria Barbian actress as Jessie Wings

Travis' girlfriend and Megan's bestfriend. Travis never fall in love with her, he only treated her as a good friend, that will make Travis happy.

Jenny Yang Barbian actress as Terry

 Megan's another best friend. She is becoming a fake friend of Megan of her fussiness.

Lucy Mayet Barbian actress as Isabelle Tara

Stella's mother, who has been curiously looking for Stella and her husband since they drowned in the sea when the ferry sanked down. After she survived from drowning in 7 years, she then works on the Local company, which is against by Stella's step mother Victoria Luz Embran company.

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